Issues Background
Vol. 23 No. 2
Summer 2022
"Recon Watchman" character

On the Cover

In the Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness of New Mexico, Cochiti artist Virgil Ortiz brings his “Recon Watchmen” characters to life as part of his ongoing saga about the 1680 Pueblo Revolt and preserving the culture of his people.

Cover Photo by Kamden Storm


A sign written in Plains Cree on the University of British Columbia campus in Vancouver.
How achieving language justice is an important step toward social justice.
The Baltimore American Indian Center

Find out how an app was created to show sites important to this city's Native peoples.

Heidi McKinnon stands in her Santa Fe shop.

Heidi McKinnon set up shop to support and share the beautiful, handmade works of Indigenous artisans.

Artist Virgil Ortiz sits with one of his traditionally made Cochiti Pueblo pots depicting one of his "Recon Watchmen" characters.
Learn how science fiction inspires this artist and get a glimpse of his fantastic "Recon Watchmen" characters premiering in Santa Fe this year.
LKaʻala Farm, nestled in the mountains in Waiʻanae on Hawaii’s island of Oʻahu
Hawaiian farmers are restoring Native growing methods and fish ponds to provide foods that nourish their islands' peoples physically and spiritually.
Bison hide painted with historic scenes, including a steam engine.
NMAI’s Cultural Resources Center takes on a monumental endeavor to extend the life of thousands of textiles and make them feel more at home.
Red, yellow, black and white “Medicine Wheel” design by David Shananaquet
See radical Native skateboards in the museum's collection that reflect an international phenomenon.
Young Bolivian girl in traditional cholita attire tips her bowler hat
Aymara photographer Sara Aliaga Ticona captures the essence of Bolivian women in her stunning images.