Issues Background
Vol. 21 No. 3
Fall 2020
Commemorative Issue
Cover of NMAI Fall 2020 Commemorative Issue

On the Cover

Back cover of NMAI Fall 2020Front cover: The National Native American Veterans Memorial during construction on the grounds of the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.

Back cover (right): Lakota Women Warriors color guard. Left to right: U.S. Army veteran Kella With Horn (Two Kettle Band, Cheyenne River Sioux) with U.S. flag; U.S. Army veteran Chelaine Knudsen (Yankton/Rosebud Sioux), holding a U.S. flag said to have flown at the World Trade Center complex on September 11, 2001; and U.S. Navy veteran Marilee Spottedwolf (Northern Cheyenne), holding the Harriet Goodiron Gold Star Mother Flag at the 2019 Sycuan Powwow in California.


Veteran Elder painting
Acknowledging the contributions of Native veterans is long overdue.
Background photo of Peacemakers
Indigenous leaders who sought to make and keep peace between Native and other nations.
Charles Chibitty (Comanche) on Utah Beach during the Allied forces’ invasion of German-occupied France in World War II
Native languages helped the Allies alter the course of both World Wars.
Women Airforce Service Pilots
Indigenous women fought and served on many fronts.
Members of the Oljato and Kayenta Veterans Associations refold an American flag
Culture and community help Native veterans heal.
National Native American Veterans Memorial as seen from the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.
From concept to creation, the path to a national recognition of Indigenous veterans.
"Veterans" painting
A new exhibition explores the legacy of Native Americans in the U.S. Armed Forces.