Issues Background
Vol. 23 No. 4
Winter 2022
Portrait of warmly-dressed man holding caribou antler.

On the Cover

Hunter Karl Michelin holds a caribou antler in his community of Nunatsiavut in Labrador, Canada. He is among the Indigenous people who speak about how the loss of the caribou hunt in his province has impacted his culture in the 2022 film “HERD: Inuit Voices on Caribou.”


Archaeology crew members work along a riverbed in Iowa

A tribal historic preservation officer talks about his critical but challenging role.

A wooden basket is tied to a tree under a spout driven into a tree
Indigenous peoples in Canada and the northeastern United States are reviving their ancient practice of gathering maple sap and creating their own syrup.
A black and white portrait of the poet Donna Beaver holding a hand drum
Donna Beaver’s Tlingit and Tsimshian cultures have inspired her powerful poems and imagery.
A caribou mom licks her calf
Numbers of an animal central to Inuit culture are declining drastically in parts of Canada.
A black and white image of a woman wearing a peaked cap embroidered with swirling patterns

More than 500 Mi’kmaw items in the NMAI collection are destined for a new museum in Nova Scotia.

Artist Erik Lee holding up his hands, showing silver rings and bracelets he created

Plains Cree jeweler Erik Lee gains international recognition for his pieces that reflect his culture in silver.

A wood-cut print of an illustration of a man on a sled pulled by a reindeer in black ink

A print of a sleigh being pulled by a reindeer created by Iñupiaq artist Carl Hank captures a
complicated convergence of histories.

People on the Onondaga Nation dig a track dug out of snow.

Snow snake is a game of strength and skill that has been played across many Indigenous communities for centuries.