Issues Background
Vol. 22 No. 2
Summer 2021
Cover of NMAI Summer 2021

On the Cover

This image of a Buffalo Dancer in Laguna Pueblo, New Mexico, is one of many portraits that Native photographer Lee Marmon captured of his people and home during his influential 60-year career.

Lee Marmon, “Buffalo Dancer,” 1962.


A mural depicts a man in traditional dress wearing a respirator and warns residents of COVID-19.
In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, scholars question whether the human factor was deadlier than the actual disease in the historic epidemics that depopulated the Indigenous Western Hemisphere.
A billboard instructing people to wash their hands
Photojournalist Donovan Quintero follows the pandemic’s impact throughout the Navajo Nation and the Diné’s proactive response to it.
Elderly man sitting against a wall
One man’s intimate look at his New Mexico pueblo, its people and surrounding homelands.
Danny Manning uses a drip torch to direct streams of flame to ignite a meadow
California tribes deploy their cultural knowledge to restore landscapes while reducing the risk of wildfires.
An athlete hops across the floor on his knuckles, moving like a seal
For 60 years, athletes have proved their polar prowess through extreme sporting events, from knuckle hops to ear pulls.
Echenique disk
NMAI returns the “Echenique Disc” to Peru.