Issues Background
Vol. 22 No. 1
Spring 2021
Cover of NMAI Spring 2021

On the Cover

Manhattan Mohawk actress, playwright and director Danielle Soames—here outside the National Museum of the American Indian in New York—takes on stereotypes of American Indians. “There is no outline of what is Native art and what is a Native actor,” she says, “so there is a lot of room for growth and a lot of space to be filled.”


Healing Turtle Island reconciliation ceremony between the Dutch and the Lenape
Looking at the multiple layers of New York’s long history.
Cuffee's Beach on the Shinnecock Indian Nation on Long Island
The Shinnecock Indian Nation has held onto its land despite encroachment by affluent Hampton residents. Now its sovereignty is coming due.
Sid Hill standing near Onondaga Lake, holding the Hiawatha Belt
The birthplace of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy is slowly recovering from a century of pollution.
The Iroquois Nationals playing against Team Canada Lacrosse at the 2015 World Indoor Lacrosse Championship
The ancestors of the Iroquois Nationals founded the world-renowned sport of lacrosse, yet they still strive to play in some international arenas.
Staff and visitors standing outside the American Indian Community House
Indigenous people find ways to connect to culture and each other, even far from their communities.
Kahnawake Mohawk ironworkers Jay Jacobs and Sparky Rice place a flag on a building in Midtown Manhattan
A new NMAI exhibition takes visitors on an immersive journey to discover why this state is an Indigenous place.