Issues Background
Vol. 24 No. 2
Summer 2023
Summer 2023 cover. Artwork of a child surrounded by stalks of corn, looking up at planets.

On the Cover

Mohawk multimedia artist Shelley Niro painted her granddaughter Raven wearing the same kind of hat as Sky Woman, who in her people’s creation story makes the Earth. She was inspired to create an artwork that “includes today’s youth and gives hope for the future.”


Two men use machinery to prepare the ground for fiber optic cable installation
Native communities are finally being connected to each other and the world through broadband.
A portion of a dictionary cover, with an illustration showing two Taíno people in conversation against a starry background
Taíno researchers stitch together thousands of Indigenous words to rebuild their language, one that was lost generations ago.
Two cyclists captured in the middle of a race
Oneida siblings are taking the professional cycling world by storm.
A child smiles while water runs through a tap
Thirsty Native nations and other residents in the Colorado River Basin are looking for ways to survive a decades-long drought and out-of-date laws in a drastically changing climate.
A grass dancer in an elaborately decorated outfit, captured mid-dance
Whether a community gathering or an international competition, the powwow has been a way for Indigenous peoples across North America to strengthen bonds and preserve their diverse cultures.
Three photographs of artist Shelley Niro wearing a black t-shirt. In the first, her t-shirt displays a strand of DNA. In the second, there is DNA and a figure wearing a headdress, with the words "Normal Original." In the third, the words are changed to "Abnormally Aboriginal."
A new NMAI exhibition features the candid art of Six Nations Kanyen’kehá:ka (Mohawk) artist, photographer and filmmaker Shelley Niro—works that shine a harsh spotlight on society yet provide a healing outlet for her people.
A shallow, cream ceramic bowl with black and brown designs
A Hopi pottery maker discovers her grandmother’s pot and inspiration in the NMAI’s Cultural Resources Center.
An aerial view of a small island completely covered with colorful buildings
The Guna community on Gardi Sugdub in Panama is being forced to relocate as the ocean could swallow the entire island within just decades.