Issues Background
Vol. 24 No. 4
Winter 2023
Magazine cover featuring a photograph of a person in a feathered ensemble standing in a snowy forest

On the Cover

This feathered ensemble by Tlingit weaver Ursala Hudson is one of the many stunning works in the “Sharing Honors and Burdens: Renwick Invitational 2023” exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. 


Journalist Francine Compton holds up a phone with a message that her access to CNN news feed is blocked in a cafe
Canada’s ban on sharing news on social media platforms has cascading impacts on Indigenous communities.
Sally Gunhee Kim shows a beaded hide to children at a program at NMAI
An NMAI fellow uses the senses to show how dolls can make and preserve memories.
A US quarter featuring Maria Tallchief
Honoring Osage sisters who leaped into ballet history.
Peregrino Shanocua Chaeta holds a video camera
Filmmakers in the Americas challenge the Hollywood approach while tackling causes of climate change.
Black and white photograph of a museum showcasing art and artifacts
NMAI staff sift through decades of archives to piece together clues that have revealed hidden histories and reunited items in the museum’s collection with Indigenous communities.
Two women stand back to back, each in front of a weaving loom
Smithsonian exhibition features six Indigenous artists who through their dedication and innovation are carrying their ancestors’ traditions and messages forward.
Detail of a feathered dress
A Cree designer takes over runways with his stunning feather dresses.
A person extends a paddle while seated in a kayak that has tipped over, in a body of water

Photographer Kiliii Yüyan captures the moment before an Inuit kayaker attempts to right himself in In Greenland’s Nuuk Harbour.