Issues Background
Vol. 25 No. 1
Spring 2024
Cover of American Indian magazine with a photo of a giant leatherback sea turtle

On the Cover

Ramiselia Ramírez, a Guna marine biologist from the village of Achutupu in Panama, directs a leatherback turtle toward the ocean after it became disoriented on a beach in the coastal community of Armila. The village’s beaches are critical nesting grounds for these endangered marine reptiles.


A man, standing, speaks to group of seated people using a microphone
Marine conservationist Angelo Villagomez tells how his Chamorro people in the Mariana Islands are working toward a protected ocean.
Handmade gloves and tools used to make them, laid out on a blanket
Northern Shoshoni glovemaker Leo Arriwite‘s family has crafted leather gloves that have been prized throughout the West for generations.
A Cherokee woman crouches in a garden, holding a squash
Indigenous farmers and other “seed savers” are growing and sharing heirloom seeds to keep plants inherent to their cultures alive.
Aerial view of a river winding through a green landscape
After more than a century, the Klamath River that provides critical salmon habitat will soon flow freely again thanks to tribes that fought for decades to have its four dams removed.
A person reaches a handheld scanner towards a giant leatherback sea turtle on the beach
Guna biologists and volunteers are working day and night to protect endangered leatherback sea turtles on their nesting beaches in Panama’s coastal village of Armila.
A tattoo artist applies a tattoo while two assistants stretch the skin of the recipient
A few dedicated artists are revitalizing the traditional Native Hawaiian protocols and methods of “kākau uhi”—creating tattoos by tapping intricate designs into skin.
A closeup of a quilt piece with text, including the words "No More Stolen Sisters"
A massive quilt created for and by survivors of violence makes a monumental statement.
A woman wearing safety goggles and a respirator mask stands in front of the remains of her home holding a photograph
Native Hawaiian Courtney Lazo fights for Maui residents who still do not have housing after devastating wildfires in Lahaina.