NMAI Summer 2015 Cover

Vol. 16 No. 2Summer 2015

ON THE COVER: The rich cultural, engineering and political achievements of the Andes come into focus this summer at the National Museum of the American Indian – Smithsonian in the major exhibition The Great Inka Road: Engineering an Empire . This fi gurine is one of more than 140 items to go on display June 26, 2015 through June 2018. Inka fi gurine of a woman, AD 1470–1532. Coast of Peru. Gold-silver alloy. 9.6" x 2.5" x 2.8". National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution 5/4120. 

In This Issue

Tipon, near Cusco, a wonder of Inka irrigation and hydraulic engineering.  Photo

The Great Inka Road

Qhapaq Nan, the Inka road, was an awe-inspiring feat of engineering and construction, and also of political integration. It held together a vast empire of majestic terrain and widely different eco-systems, until the arrival of the Spanish.
Emil Her Many Horses (Oglala Lakota)

Life on the Art Market Trail

Indian artists and craftsman travel a year-long circuit of prestigious craft fairs and competi-tions to bring their work to the attention of a broader public.
Black Beaver (Delaware)

Black Beaver

One of the most celebrated Indian scouts of the Civil War, he successfully evacuated Union troops from the seceding South in 1861. But it was just one episode in a long, eventful career.
Joshua Madalena holding an artifact

Reviving an Art Form

Joshua Madalena, potter and former governor of Jemez Pueblo, experimented for a decade before recovering the secret of making his people’s an-cient black-and-white ceramics, lost for 300 years after Spanish repression of the Pueblo Revolt.

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